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Boys & Girls Clubs of Mercer County partners with MTN’s POP UP PANTRY

Yvette Anderson together with her husband Reggie founded Anderson’s Meet the Need Foundation, a nonprofit organization with a mission to meet the needs of those in need.

Meet the Need (MTN) pantry brings local fresh organic fruits and vegetables, salads, bread, pastries, meats and dairy to various communities throughout New Jersey. Their goal is to offer families healthier options at no cost.

On average on any given Saturday, 75-100 people line up with their bags in hand and help themselves to a variety of goods donated from several local companies in the area. Much of the donated food comes from Sam’s Club, Trader Joes, Panera, and WAWA. You can find the POP-UP PANTRY popping up throughout New Jersey. They also bring sandwiches, blankets, and hygiene kits to train stations and tent cities. For more information, you can go to

The MTN POP UP helps us at the Boys & Girls Clubs to address the issue of healthy food access. Many families struggle to provide organic vegetables and fruits. (Especially during the winter months)

Nutrition plays an important role in pregnancy and infancy as these are the critical periods of brain formation that will serve as a foundation for the development of cognitive, motor and socio-emotional skills throughout life. Nutrient inadequacy during these periods may compromise the structural development of the brain.” – US National Library of Medicine

To find out when the next POP UP PANTRY will at the Boys & Girls Club on Centre Street follow us on Facebook.

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