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AARP New Jersey Presents 2020 Andrus Award For Community Service. Congrats MTN Organization!

Reggie Anderson and I are truly grateful for all God is doing for and through us with MTN. Walking in your purpose is truly a gift from God and something we never take lightly.

Lord, thank you for choosing to use us in such a special way! Thank you for allowing others to appreciate and honor the work that we do. Thank you for providing for us and making a way out of no way each and every project, pantry, assistance to families and whenever I call on you!

Thank you AARP NJ for seeing the value in the hard work, dedication and love we put into our ministry (Organization). Being able to uplift, encourage, bring hope and help others see God has not forgotten them on a daily basis is our greatest joy. None of this is possible without the Lord showing us such Favor.

Thank you to each of you for believing in MTN, supporting us and helping us make a difference in the communities we serve.

This isn’t just for us! It’s for each of you who give so generously, spread the word, volunteer and pray for our success! Thank you 🙏🏽


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