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MTN thanks Mayor Michele Delisfort – Union NJ

MTN thanks Mayor Michele Delisfort of Union, NJ for acknowledging the work we do to help residents fight food insecurity.

Visiting my hometown is always an honor and a privilege. Being able to have MTN come on a monthly basis was always a treat. But coming back during this pandemic and seeing the number of folks line up was something I will never forget. I am thankful to be able to give back to a community I grew up in. Yvette and I love what we do and couldn’t be more proud of our efforts and the outpour of support we receive on a regular basis.

To all our friends and family who help us make a difference this is what you all make possible. Job well done and thank you for taking the ride with us! We appreciate you.

Huge thank you Mayor Delisfort and the Township of Union for all your support and welcoming us whenever you can. It means a lot to us.

God Bless

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